County Heat Treat. is a family-owned and operated business in its second-generation
of heat treat services. Based in central Massachusetts, this company is meeting the needs of its
customers throughout New England. Whether itís simple stress relief of a low carbon steel weldment
or the exacting specifications of a helicopter drive shaft, County Heat Treat's capable of meeting your thermal processing needs.

Meet the team:
William J. Nartowt: President, Owner
Barbara A. Nartowt: Vice President, Owner

Michael J. Dascoli: General Manager
††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††Quality Control Manager
Chris Kania: Plant Manager
David Soderberg: Sales/Process Engineer (Past Chairman of ASM-Central Mass 2010-2012)

United County Industries Corp. DBA County Heat Treat has the following approvals:


- BAE Systems Approved Supplier

- ISO 9001:2015




- FAA Repair Station Air Agency Certificate Number 6UCR808B limited to: Heat Treating, Nitriding, Stress Relieving, and Sand Blasting.




- General Dynamics: AMS2750, AMS2759, AMS2759/1, AMS2759/2, AMS2759/3, AMS2759/5, AMS2759/7




- General Electric: Supplier Qualification Number SQ-043073.1 Nitriding B50A951 (422SS), B50A305 (IN901), B50A991 (410SS), B5E1A (Nit135), B50A991 (410SS and variations of 410SS)

- Raytheon: AMS2750, AMS2759, AMS2759/1, AMS2759/2, AMS2759/3, AMS2759/4, AMS2759/5, AMS2759/7, AMS2759/11, AMS2770, AMS2771




Please call us at County Heat Treat (508-865-5885) for assistance.